Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

Are we right for you?  Are you right for us?  Great relationships require all parties to be working together towards the same common goal.  Please read below.

Commercial Finance Partnership Limited are Finance Brokers, not Lenders.  This means that having fully assessed your needs and requirements, we will approach lenders on your behalf.  We do not lend the money ourselves. 


Our Commitment to You

  • We will take the time to fully understand your circumstances
  • We will always act with your best interests in mind
  • We will act professionally, at speed and provide total transparency throughout
  • We will always try (where possible) to present you with more than one solution
  • We aim to complete every transaction quickly, using our team of dedicated Case Managers


Your Commitment to Us

  • You agree to share all relevant data with us (see Privacy Notice for how we use this)
  • You endeavour to answer all questions accurately and promptly
  • You endeavour to produce all required documentation quickly
  • You will not enter into an agreement with another Finance Broker for the same transaction
  • You agree to pay all pre-agreed charges, following production of invoices, in a timely manor


The Cost of our Service

We generate our income by a combination of charges agreed with our clients, and on occasions, commissions received from lenders.  Any direct charges levied will be fully disclosed to you prior to you incurring them within our Terms of Business agreement.  At the point of formal instruction, we will ask you to sign and acknowledge our Terms of Business.

Our initial Fact Find is always free of charge.  We will never charge you to understand you and the proposal.


Appraisal Fee

This will be requested from you following your acceptance and signing of our Terms of Business agreement.  Our standard fee is £495.  By this time, we will have undertaken considerable research about you, and have contacted prospective lenders about the availability and terms of products that meet your needs.  Whilst we can never promise that a loan facility will be approved, we will make every effort to ensure that there is a reasonable likelihood of such before seeking this fee.  This payment is non-refundable.


Broker Arrangement Fee

This fee is usually invoiced following successful completion of the facility, however you will be liable for the Broker Arrangement Fee upon the signing of the formal Loan Agreement which is the point the lender is legally committed to the transaction.  Our standard fee is 1% of the loan amount.


Commissions from lenders

We may receive a commission from a lender, but we do not receive commissions from all.  We do not let this factor influence our choice of lender and/or product, which will always be in your best interests and not ours.


Payment of invoices

Appraisal Fees and Broker Arrangement Fees are requested by invoice which will be sent to you by email. Payment is to be made in full, within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

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